Apple Music
Online Radio Box
Direct HTTP
Any site supported by youtube-dl (which is a lot)
Yup, it supports playing Spotify tracks, albums, playslists, and artists' top 10 tracks.

You can play Spotify tracks via the play command, or search for Spotify tracks via the spotify command.
Yup, it supports any livestream website supported by youtube-dl, which is a lot.

It also supports most livestream formats such as mp3, ogg, m3u8, pls, etc.
Yes. It will only auto-pause when the channel is empty or everyone is deafened, but does auto-resume.

If you use an autoplaylist, loop the queue, etc, it won't stop playing someone pauses or disconnects it.
You can configure bot settings in your server via the "settings" command.

You can also use the "defaultsettings" command to configure default entry settings, and the "filtersettings" command to configure audio filter limits.
DJ Only Mode prevents anyone without DJ permissions from using most of the bot.

Non-DJs can still voteskip during DJ Only Mode, but this can be disabled via server settings.
You can create an autoplaylist from scratch using "autoplaylist create", or upload an existing one using "autoplaylist upload".

If you upload an existing autoplaylist, please make sure you upload a plain text file. Any non-plain text files will not be accepted.
Yup. Feel free to request any radio stations in the #request-radio-stations channel on the support server.
SFX are sound effects you can use on the bot while an entry is playing, such as an airhorn, deez nuts, etc.

SFX are uploaded and used on a per-server basis.
You can report bugs via the feedback command, or the #bug-reports channel in the support server.
You can suggest stuff via the feedback command, or the #suggestions channel in the support server.
Discord doesn't allow having different avatars in different servers, so no. Sorry.
This bot is free. A Patreon may come in the future for extra stuff. Any donations are also highly appreciated and help keep the bot running!
Audio filters allow you to manipulate audio. Some examples include bass boost, pitch, speed, etc.

Yup. You can actaully have up to 15 custom prefixes at once. Prefixes are managed using the "prefix" command.

You can also use the bot without a prefix by tagging it (e.g @Tony Bamanaboni play despacito).
Type "prefix" without any args to check current prefixes.

You can also see a list of prefixes by doing @Tony Bamanaboni prefix
Nope, not by default.

You can configure it to auto disconnect from voice channels and set how long it'll wait before auto disconnecting via server settings.
Feel free to join the support server and ask in the #help channel.


This is usually caused by the following:
- The bot can't read or send messages in the channel
- It's not bound to the channel
- You're using an incorrect prefix
- The bot is down or rebooting

How to resolve:
- Give it read msg/send msg/send embeds perms in the channel
- Bind it to the channel using the "bind" command
- Check what prefixes it's using via the prefixes command
- Wait for it to come back up or finish rebooting

If none of these work, feel free to join the support server and ask for help.
This can be caused by the following:
- The bot is server muted
- You're deafened (it's happened lol
- You locally muted the bot or set local volume to 0%
- The volume is set to 0%
- It's not playing anything

How to resolve:
- Un-server mute the bot
- Undeafen yourself
- Unlocally mute to the bot and set the local volume to something other than 0%
- Set the volume to something other than 0%
- Actually play something

If all else fails, rejoining the voice channel almost always fixes it.
This can be caused by the following:
- Autoplaylist is disabled in server settings
- No autoplaylists are set as active
- You don't have any working URLs or song names in the autoplaylist
- The player somehow got stuck

How to resolve:
- Enable autoplaylist in server settings
- Set an autoplaylist as active
- Add working URLs or song names to the autoplaylist
Use the skip command to force the autoplaylist to start

If none of these work, feel free to ask for help with setting up an autoplaylist in the support server.
This seems to be a bug with the browser version of Discord. Rejoining the voice channel fixes it.

I recommend using the desktop client to avoid this bug.
This is usually caused by problems with your connection or the voice server itself. Try changing voice regions and see if that fixes it.

In some rare cases, the server may be overloaded. I don't have enough money atm to buy a really powerful server, srry! Consider donating to our Patreon to help out :)
This can be caused by the following:
- The source's audio quality is bad
- Someone set the Opus bitrate to something really low
- Someone set the Opus bandwidth to narrow
- You're listening via a browser or mobile device

How to resolve:
- Choose a source video/track with better audio quality
- Set the Opus bitrate to 128kbps
- Set the Opus bandwidth to full
- Browser and mobile Discord don't have Desktop audio quality, not much you can do. Sorry
Feel free to join the support server and ask for help in the #help channel.