Audio Filters

Filter Name Accepted Range Description
Pitch [0.1 - 30] Changes the pitch.
Speed [50 - 200] Changes the speed without changing the pitch.
Bass Boost [-500 - 500] Bass boost.
Treble Boost [-500 - 500] Treble boost.
Flanger [0 - 10] Flanger effect.
Extra Stereo [-10 - 10] Stereo boost, can make songs sound more stereo or mono.
Contrast [0 - 100] Boosts higher frequencies.
Tremolo [0 - 1.0] Constantly boosts and decreases a frequency.
Low Pass [1 - half of samplerate] Sets the lowest frequency.
High Pass [1 - half of samplerate] Sets the highest frequency.
Karaoke Adds a karaoke effect aka tries to drown out vocals.
Reverb Adds an echo effect, I tried to make it as close to reverb as possible.
Reverse Plays the song in reverse. 15 minute limit due to memory consumption.
Phaser Adds a phaser effect.
Chorus Similar to phaser but sounds a little different.
Crystalizer [0 - 10] Expands audio dyanmic range.
Stereo Widen Enhances the stereo effect by suppressing signal common to both channels and delaying the signal from left to right.
Vibrato [0 - 1.0] Sinusoidal phase modulation. Similiar to tremolo.
Pulsator Between autopanner and tremolo. Can produce funny stereo effects lol.
Compressor Reduces the dynamic range of a signal.
Earwax Make audio easier to listen to on headphones.
Haas Apply Haas effect to audio.
Surround Apply audio surround upmix filter. 7.1 surround.
Crusher [1 - 250] Reduce audio bit resolution. Cool pixelation-sounding/retro effect.
Overlay [entry number] Allows you to play up to 5 songs at once.